Mortgage calculator Netherlands

Mortgage calculator Netherlands

If you consider buying a house in the Netherlands, you want to know how much mortgage you can get. Our advisors are happy to help you. Would you like a quick indication first? Then you can use our mortgage calculator. This tool calculates the maximum mortgage you can get by incorporating multiple factors.

Factors that determine the height of your mortgage

  • Income

    As you might have expected, your income influences the maximum mortgage you can get. The gross income consists of your monthly salary, provision, personal bonuses, holiday pay, and, for example, a 13th month. Bonuses are by most banks calculated as the total average of the past three years.

  • Entrepreneur

    If you are an entrepreneur, we always recommend getting in contact with our advisors to get a clear picture of the gross income on which the bank will base its calculations. If you own a sole proprietorship, you need to be active as an entrepreneur for at least an entire year. If you have been an entrepreneur for longer than three years, then most banks will calculate your maximum based on the average fiscal profit over the past three years.

  • Mortgage interest rates

    The available interest rate will also impact your maximum mortgage. The amount you can lend with a 10-year fixed rate will differ from the maximum you can lend with, for example, a 20-year interest fixed rate.
    Would you like to go for a variable rate or less than 10 years fixed? In that case, banks will calculate with a fictive percentage of 5%.

  • Value of the house

    You cannot lend more than 100% of the market value of the house. This market value will be determined by an appraiser. The value (after renovation) stated in the valuation report will be the maximum you are allowed to lend. Even if can lend more based on your income.
    If you have plans to make the house more sustainable, you can finance up to 106% of the house with a mortgage.

The maximum mortgage calculator gives you an indication of the maximum mortgage and the associated costs in three steps.
Be aware, the tool is in Dutch.